Amelia Featured at National AI Event in Ireland

March 5, 2019 • 1 minute read

Want to learn about one of the key members of the Amelia (formerly IPsoft) EU team? Check out this Q&A in The Business Post. In it we learn about Paul Verkaik, Amelia's Director of Solution Engineering in EMEA, and his secret stash of retro video games.

Amelia constantly educates the market about our products, their business value and the code behind it all. We truly appreciate it when others take the time to help us celebrate our incredible talent. In that vein, we’d like to turn your attention to The Business Post, which did an excellent job giving due credit to one of the experts behind Amelia's solutions.

Paul Verkaik, Amelia Director of Solution Engineering in EMEA, has been a member of our family for more than 11 years. He was the second employee hired by Amelia in the EU, and he is crucial to our ongoing success. He will be speaking at the National AI and Machine Learning Summit 2019 at Croke Park in Ireland on March 6.

“My focus will be on conversational AI and the corresponding journey,” Paul told The Business Post, previewing his address to the summit. “Chatbots and conversational AI seems just about everywhere today. With increasing customer expectations, conversational AI seems to be of growing importance, however current rhetoric and AI claims have misguided many of us, clouding our judgment on what it takes to successfully deploy such AI.”

In addition to discussing conversational AI, Paul spoke about the technology workforce in Ireland, how AI will change Ireland’s business landscape and his personal interest in technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts. As a bonus, during the Q&A we also learned that Paul owns a substantial collection of retro video games.

To read more about Paul, or to learn about the National AI and Machine Learning Summit, be sure to read the entire Q&A.

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