Amelia Graces the Pages of The Wall Street Journal

January 31, 2019 • 2 minute read

“[Amelia] is aware of the emotional state of the person with whom she is speaking, and she adapts her responses, facial expressions and gestures to better communicate."

IPsoft’s digital colleague Amelia was recognized by The Wall Street Journal for driving business transformation among our clients. In the piece, which focused on the Future of Work, Amelia is described as a “white-collar” worker armed with sophistication, curiosity and more.

The author references our stellar work with Allstate, where Amelia helps insurance agents quickly find accurate information during calls with customers. The author also referenced Amelia’s proof-of-value — she helped Allstate reduce call duration from 4.6 to 4.2 minutes, a 9% decrease.

“Amelia works at the online and phone-in help desks at the Swedish bank SEB. Blond and blue-eyed, she has a confident bearing softened by a slightly self-conscious smile. Amelia also works in London for the Borough of Enfield and in Zurich for UBS,” the author writes. “And did I mention that Amelia can memorize a 300-page manual in 30 seconds, speak 20 languages and handle thousands of calls simultaneously?”

The author delves into the pros and cons of automation and how it will impact service-sector jobs, as well as how data will be used to reimagine the way work is done.

“Amelia is used by over 20 of the world’s leading banks, insurers, telecom providers, media companies and healthcare firms. Research had shown that customer satisfaction with phone-in helplines is directly tied to empathy shown by the agent handling the call, so Amelia’s maker added a psychological module to her algorithm,” he writes. “She is aware of the emotional state of the person with whom she is speaking, and she adapts her responses, facial expressions and gestures to better communicate. Amelia can’t handle everything. Sometimes she passes on information to her human colleagues so they can take over. But Amelia is curious. The software hangs on the line listening to the humans—and the resolution of a problem. She then adds these new tricks to her knowledge-management system. Once her learnings are approved by her human supervisor, she can answer similar queries herself in the future.”

As in this article, we’ve examined in several blog posts how AI will change how people work, allowing them to have access to more data in less time, and how it will help them focus on more interesting tasks rather than the same repetitive processes. We’ve also written extensively about the role AI will play in improving employee experiences and productivity. We envision an empowered labor force that focuses less on the mundane and more on complex, revenue-generating and cost-saving processes.

To read more about Amelia in The Wall Street Journal, click here.

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