Amelia’s Jonathan Crane Interviewed by CMO Australia on AI’s Future

March 12, 2019 • 2 minute read

Amelia's (formerly IPsoft) Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Crane was recently interviewed by CMO Australia to talk about all the ways that conversational solutions like Amelia are reinventing business.

Conversational interfaces powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are one of the most transformative forces within the modern enterprise and Amelia is at the forefront. CMO Australia recently interviewed Amelia's Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Crane about how AmeliaTM is set apart from the competition, how she is reinventing business operations today and how she will develop into the future.

The profile emphasizes Amelia’s various implementations as an external customer-facing Virtual Customer Agent. For the uninitiated, Amelia is sometimes thrown into the same bucket as low-level chatbots, which have been around for decades. However, Amelia offers far much more value.

Amelia is trained in conversational intelligence, problem solving and context. She can discern what you’re asking then converse with you on how to help.

One of the chief differentiators, according to Crane, is the versatility that Amelia offers compared to a mere chatbot, which usually follows rigid decision trees and only responds correctly to specific keywords or phrases. Crane says this is not useful in the majority of use cases.

“Say I have a customer who wants car insurance: There’s no way to script a chatbot to have a full conversation about car insurance; you’d be surprised at how many ways people ask about car insurance,” Crane explains. “Amelia is trained in conversational intelligence, problem solving and context. She can discern what you’re asking then converse with you on how to help.” (You can read more about how Amelia’s brain works here.)

Amelia has proven her ability to build new business value within multiple industries. When asked where Amelia is making the biggest splash, Crane mentions two that have been consistently forward-thinking with AI: “Financial services and insurance were first, and the reason is simple: They have large inbound centres facing repetitive questions that lend themselves to the kinds of things we can do with AI. For example, we have one company who was trying to handle 1.2 billion calls per year. They could respond by using human capital, yet those calls typically aren’t revenue creating. They need an appropriate solution instead of that volume of people.”

As for the future implementations he’s excited about, Crane provides insights on how Amelia can be particularly useful for retail outlets to enhance their brick-and-mortar experiences. “With AI, we can guide people, help them make decisions and have informed personnel available. If staff don’t know the products, they could wear an Apple Watch and ask Amelia. Or the retailer could have a kiosk set up in-store,” he says.

Learn more about Amelia and how she can reinvent business. Contact Andrew Winlaw, Amelia Vice President for Australia & New Zealand, for more information about our offerings in the region.

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