CRN Magazine: Amelia is The Most-Human Digital AI

August 8, 2018 • 1 minute read

Artificial intelligence (AI) that doesn’t appropriately respond to and show emotion will ultimately deliver with less-than-ideal user experiences. IPsoft is proud of the work we’ve done to make Amelia empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Read this CRN Magazine article to find out more.

IPsoft prides itself on developing solutions that are not only innovative and intuitive, but also remarkably human. Artificial intelligence (AI) should not be a barrier-to-entry between users and technology; instead, it should inspire people to use technology more often and more enthusiastically than ever. That is why we designed Amelia, our cognitive AI system, to be the most empathetic, most emotionally intelligent, and most human AI system on the market.

We’re incredibly proud to have been featured in CRN Magazine in a video article that examines how and why Amelia is the “industry’s most-human digital AI colleague.” The piece, which features commentary from IPsoft Chief Cognitive Officer Edwin Van Bommel, explains the ways in which Amelia differs from virtual assistants, and why she will never perform a task without prior human approval and training.

“Amelia will solve your problem completely end-to-end, differing from competitors that may require a link and some self-service from the customer,” the author writes. “She can automate any process in a business: She’ll help customers open new bank accounts, process insurance claims and register patients for hospital entry.”

To learn more about Amelia, and to hear directly from Edwin, be sure to head to CRN Magazine today or watch his video commentary below.

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