Forbes Highlights Amelia in Article on The Future of Work

February 28, 2020 • 2 minute read

Forbes wants to know whether you would be willing to work with a robot. Given that most of the work you already do is driven by some form of automation or algorithms, the answer is most likely yes. Still, if the thought of AI concerns you, the Forbes article is definitely worth your time.

A recently published article for Forbes poses a simple question via its headline: “Would You Work With A Robot?”

The piece provides an overview of the ways in which automation and cognitive AI are impacting the modern workforce, and potential future developments; it also highlights the kind of business value that can be delivered by Digital Employees from IPsoft’s first-of-its-kind marketplace,

“Is your business’s next employee going to be an AI? IPsoft thinks so, as they have recently launched what they call the first marketplace for digital workers,” the author writes. “An enterprise can hire digital employees pre-trained as IT service desk engineers who can handle a wide range of support issues both independently and in collaboration with human co-workers, delivering rapid deployment and immediate business value, IPsoft claim. The marketplace will soon offer digital employees for administration and HR as well as other industry-specific roles.”

The article highlights critical differences between Amelia, with her prowess in conversational AI, and other AI-related technologies: “Unlike solutions underpinned solely by chatbots or robotic process automation (RPA), Amelia's cognitive intelligence allows her to interact naturally with humans and continuously learn from every interaction, all while integrating and communicating with back-end systems.”

IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube, a longtime advocate of the emerging digital-human hybrid workforce, tells Forbes that Digital Employees can help democratize AI, putting innovation into the hands of companies that previously might have considered such technology out of reach.

“SMBs are increasingly investing in more sophisticated and intelligent solutions. Digital customer service agents, for example, leverage artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and neural network algorithms to deliver more human-like experience that is more satisfying to users and to execute tasks independently, so they can resolve customer queries. This is truly helping small firms punch above their weight for customer experience,” Chetan says.

Read the entire piece here.

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