IDG: ‘Amelia is Something to be Proud Of’

June 27, 2018 • 2 minute read

A recent IDG Connect article examines the role digital colleagues will play in future work environments. The piece also sings the praises of IPsoft’s Amelia. Read more to find out how Amelia can help your business today.

A recent post on IDG Connect examines the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on the workplace. The piece, which outlines the major differences between chatbots and cognitive solutions, as well as the importance of reskilling human workers to collaborate with AI, heaps high praise on IPsoft’s cognitive solution, Amelia.

“Amelia has been over five years in the making and when she was shown off to us, it was clear she’s something to be proud of,” the article reads.

“[She can] speak like her human counterparts, adjusting her tone to match the business requirements of the industry she’s working in and understanding and responding appropriately to the perceived emotion of her conversational partner,” the author writes. “If she can’t solve a problem, Amelia observes how her human colleagues handle the situation, learns from their example and can then apply that knowledge to similar situations in the future.”

The author deftly distinguishes between Amelia and chatbots by describing the “shallow neural networks built to follow a decision tree” that chatbots use, compared to the “episodic memory, process memory, and intent recognition” that powers Amelia’s human-like intelligence. The author also cites research that claims chatbots have a lower IQ than a six-year-old child.

In other words, “Amelia certainly isn’t just a chatbot.”

What This Means for the Workforce

“It’s clear to most that as AI-enabled technologies continue to become the new workplace norm, the way we work is going to be increasingly disrupted,” the piece states. IDG asserts that organizations have already begun internal training programs for employees and clients designed to help workers learn new AI-based skills in order to thrive in an AI-infused workforce. We’ve also observed this at our client and partner organizations.

It’s also important to note that Amelia doesn’t simply replace the human worker whose tasks she may have assumed; rather, she becomes a collaborative digital colleague that works side-by-side with employees to simplify complex tasks. She finds answers, she remembers past customer interactions, she locates documents, and she runs analytics, among many other skills.

“From banking to healthcare, insurance and even education, Amelia’s capabilities as a digital colleague are already being put to the test and, as organizations seek new solutions to their business problems, you might just find that your next new starter is completely digital,” the author writes.

We couldn’t agree more.

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