IPsoft’s CEO Examines AI’s Impact on Future Employment

May 6, 2019 • 1 minute read

If you only watched science fiction films, you would probably assume that AI will create a dystopia created by mass unemployment. IPsoft’s CEO Chetan Dube details the reasons why AI will benefit future workforces rather than eliminate them. Read his op-ed on TLNT.com to learn more.

“AI is not a replacement for people, but for tasks.”

This is the central theme of IPsoft Founder and CEO Chetan Dube’s most recent op-ed for TLNT.com. As businesses automate routine tasks and processes, concerned parties rightfully wonder what will become of the employees previously responsible for performing these jobs. IPsoft’s position has always been clear: We believe automation will serve as a mechanism for accelerating industry, allowing workers to serve more creative and high value roles.

“As a growth business with the potential to spread across industries, AI actually stands to open up more business opportunities than close them, catalyzing yet another impending revolution to cascade across business and culture,” Chetan writes. “Yes, automating certain business operations will reduce or eliminate the need for many rote tasks — just as technological innovations before it. But where autonomic and cognitive systems stand to shine, more than any predecessors, is in their ability to create – new ideas, new solutions, new streams of revenue, new industries entirely —  and with it, new roles for workers to direct and harness these new creations.”

To reinforce his point, Chetan references the personal computer revolution of the 1980s and 1990s. Although PCs made math instantaneous, the world still relies on CPAs for accounting tasks, and the world has an equal if not greater need for math teachers at every stage of education.

“As a tool, software has opened up creativity to the masses, but has not eliminated the need for talented artists with a penchant for design and creative flair,” Chetan declares.

To read more about why the future of AI is not a dystopia, be sure to read Chetan’s op-ed on TLNT.com.

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