IPsoft’s Vision for Automation Featured in New McKinsey Article

February 19, 2019 • 1 minute read

McKinsey just published some great insight on how to choose the right automation platform, and Amelia AIOps (formerly 1Desk) plays a starring role. In an article issued this month, McKinsey breaks down the key considerations for choosing a solution, and why IPsoft is among the industry leaders in the intelligent process automation space.

Choosing the right IT automation platform can be a daunting task. To help companies find the best solution for their specific needs, McKinsey this month published an insightful primer on the different options available. The firm estimates companies are already automating 50% to 70% of IT tasks and the companies that lag “may soon find themselves in catch-up mode and at an increasing (and perhaps enduring) competitive disadvantage.”

IPsoft is mentioned prominently throughout the article as a company that can help organizations with “larger automation ambitions, such as reengineering IT self-management or proactive machine-learning-enabled identification of the root causes of incidents,” among other areas.

The piece references our entire product suite — AIOps, IPcenter and Amelia — with specific attention paid to AIOps' architecture and how the platform’s virtual engineers respond to common IT problems. “IPsoft, for example, has a vision for autonomous computing that includes a self-healing IT environment capable of resolving incidents, performing planned activities, and learning new capabilities over time,” the author writes.

“Taking the time to assess the IT organization’s specific needs can enable CIOs to make an informed platform decision that is more likely to deliver early benefits and pave the way for a fruitful automation journey in the years ahead,” according to the post.

We couldn’t agree more. Be sure to read the entire McKinsey article and contact us to hear more about our industry-leading products.

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