IPsoft’s Work with NHS Highlighted by Digital Health

August 22, 2019 • 1 minute read

In order to simplify the information retrieval process for researchers, NHS Digital has partnered with IPsoft to build the website’s first digital colleague. Built on the Amelia platform, but rebranded as NHS Digital’s Virtual Data Assistant (ViDA), the cognitive system is available from now until Oct. 19. Read this post to learn more.

Looking to simplify the information retrieval process for British researchers, the NHS recently partnered with IPsoft to build a digital colleague for its website, NHS Digital, using Amelia as its cognitive platform.

“NHS Digital has been working in partnership with IPsoft to produce a version of the tech company’s Amelia application,” NHS Program Manager David West writes in an op-ed published recently by Digital Health. “Amelia is an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) with an innovative cognitive platform that supports human-like engagements. Amelia can understand context beyond simply identifying select keywords, register and react to emotional states, and switch contexts during conversations. Amelia is also able to learn from human interactions in order to improve over time.”

Built on Amelia but rebranded as NHS Digital’s Virtual Data Assistant (ViDA), the solution is available from now until Oct. 19 to answer questions about medical research data and information. ViDA also answers questions regarding the Data Access Request Service (DARS), which allows researchers to view private, unpublished information. The application process is lengthy, includes a fee, and includes security protocols. ViDA guides users through their questions about the process and directs them to videos and written content.

To learn more about the program and how users can access ViDA, be sure to read the entire post in Digital Health.

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