IT World Canada Highlights Amelia’s Potential in Government

September 24, 2018 • 1 minute read

IT World Canada recently highlighted IPsoft and our industry-leading digital colleague Amelia. She delivers benefits to citizens with robust 24/7 multi-channel access to services, while allowing governments to limit overhead costs and reinvest.

IT World Canada, a leading Canadian online resource for IT professionals, recently highlighted a public tender notice by Public Works and Government Services Canada soliciting submissions for companies wishing to become part of a pre-qualified list of suppliers that will deliver AI services in several key areas. What’s more, the publication noted that IPsoft Canada was the very first vendor listed as an interested supplier, which prompted the post’s author to delve into our industry-leading digital colleague, Amelia.

Amelia “promises to handle customer service requests without the need for human intervention. Amelia can be trained to learn a company’s processes and interacts with users via natural language,” the author states. “She can remember every interaction that she’s ever had, and understand how to apply business information to customer interactions. She even seeks to understand the user’s emotions and mood.”

Amelia is perfectly suited to automate the front-end of government services for a number of reasons. Her industry-leading Natural Language Interface (NLI) opens access to all users regardless of technical know-how. She is available 24/7 across multiple channels and scales to meet demand so users are never forced to wait in queue. In addition, her secure backend integrations allow users to not only access information (e.g., where to submit payment for parking ticket), but independently resolve issues (e.g., accept a payment for that parking ticket).

Not only does Amelia open access to services, but she allows government agencies to cut overhead costs and reinvest in new services. As citizens’ digital expectations continue to rise, innovative solutions like Amelia will become more important than ever.

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