SEB’s Work With Amelia Highlighted by Compelo

February 7, 2019 • 2 minute read

Based in London, Compelo is a global organization specializing in publishing and intelligence. With more than 75 world-leading content sources, Compelo educates, informs and influences businesses and communities across the globe. See what the media company had to say about Amelia’s great work with Swedish bank SEB.

When we launched 1Bank last year, we promised to usher in an era of conversational banking guided by cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI). Compelo, a UK-based banking trade publication, featured Amelia in a recent article about the many ways that AI is impacting financial institutions.

The author describes Amelia as a digital colleague “that can be deployed visually and engages in natural, non-linear conversations with customers to help them solve queries.” The piece highlights our work with Swedish bank SEB, which deployed Amelia as both an IT service desk agent and as a customer-facing service representative.

In 2016, SEB hired Amelia to automate many internal IT service tasks for its 14,000-plus workforce such as unlocking Active Directory accounts and answering FAQs. Following a successful internal implementation, the bank expanded Amelia’s scope to customer-facing activities. Amelia was soon providing services to millions of customers, which they could access through a Swedish-language conversational interface.

Amelia successfully automated many functions such as branch location inquiries, password resets for online accounts, and troubleshooting problems with credit and debit cards. Her abilities have since expanded to additional tasks such as ID verification questioning.

As a customer-facing representative at SEB, she addresses approximately 200 queries per day. Amelia has been able to deliver faster service to customers and increase employee satisfaction. She also has allowed shareholders to secure a competitive advantage over other banking institutions through optimized customer service.

“With Amelia, SEB offers customers an opportunity to get an immediate response to their questions, which in turn concentrates the call volume for live human agents on the highest value support areas,” IPsoft‘s Executive Director of Transformations Johan Toll told Compelo. “Currently, Amelia is handling customer queries such as password resets for online banking accounts, helping users to step-by-step troubleshoot problems with credit and debit cards, and providing the location of the nearest bank.”

We believe we’re at the forefront of a conversational banking revolution and we’re grateful that Compelo chronicled some of our great work.

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