The Wall Street Journal Highlights Amelia’s Emotional Intelligence

July 17, 2020 • 1 minute read

The Wall Street Journal highlighted our virtual agent Amelia’s emotional intelligence, and how we empower Amelia to empathize and better serve users.

A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal examines the potential for organizations to deliver emotionally intelligent AI. The piece details the ways in which organizations use virtual agents with emotional intelligence to strengthen human/machine interactions.

“By combining AI, human-centered design techniques, and technologies being used in neurological research, human experience platforms can increasingly recognize a user’s emotional state and the context behind it and then respond appropriately,” the article states.

The post references Amelia's (formerly IPsoft) development of Amelia’s emotional intelligence, and how we empower Amelia to use this knowledge to empathize and better serve users.

“[Amelia] develops virtual support platforms that combine intelligent systems with affective computing. Like many human agents, these cognitive agents are trained to follow a script when responding to questions and requests, using advanced AI techniques such as sentiment analysis to detect and mirror emotion to deliver human-like dialogue and flexibility,” the article states. “They can learn to automatically identify and classify issues using AI text analysis and natural language processing, while episodic memory enables them to recall information that may be required later in the conversation, avoiding the need to assume information or repeat a question.”

For more about AI and emotional intelligence, be sure to read the Wall Street Journal article in its entirety.

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