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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Amelia trained?

    In order to train Amelia, the Amelia team and your technology team work together to upload an assortment of documents designed to enrich Amelia with new knowledge. This could be as simple as your company’s business vocabulary or employee handbook, or it could be as complex as all of your historical customer support data. You’ll provide Amelia with your industry-specific semantic network, and any logic framework you’d like Amelia to follow in her decision-making. You’ll also upload pre-trained classifiers and analytic modules that will help her to conduct business according to your industry’s requirements and regulations. From there, the two teams will work to auto-annotate Amelia’s conversational framework so she can understand utterances and common phrases – essentially, the teams help Amelia speak as humans do. This allows her to complete user interactions, regardless of the topics she might ultimately discuss or how users respond. During this process, Amelia will actually advise the teams on the best technique to help her learn and understand user conversations.

  • Can we train Amelia in-house?

    We encourage our clients to train Amelia themselves for secondary and tertiary use cases. However, we recommend working with our team for the initial use case.

  • How long will your team work with us to make sure everything is working smoothly after the initial implementation?

    Our professional services are ongoing. We will continue to work with you at your request to ensure optimal production.

  • What’s different or new in Amelia v3?

    Every aspect of Amelia v3, the latest version of our platform, has been designed to drive superior customer experience and human-like intellect. Amelia v3 has a better understanding of client requests, and is capable of more flexible and lucid dialogue. She’s better at delivering fast and accurate responses to fact-based queries. We’ve improved her sentimental analysis so that she uses empathy to adjust the tone of conversations. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. We added facial recognition and authentication. She can absorb training-manual length documents in seconds.

  • What is the difference between Amelia and a chatbot?

    Amelia, as a digital colleague, is able to discern a wide spectrum of human communications, assist users in executing complex actions, and improve at tasks over time. Chatbots, on the other hand, are lower-level and far more limited in their scope, mostly assigned to handle scripted FAQs without any level of real interactivity with users.

  • Will Amelia integrate with my legacy systems?

    Amelia integrates seamlessly with all common APIs including: IPcenter, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, HP SM9, SAP, Concur, Guidewire, MiContact Center Enterprise/Solidus, Active Directory, LDAP, PeopleSoft, LivePerson/LiveEngage, Cisco UCCX, VOIP &,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wi-Fi management, Skype for Business, Freeswitch, RSA, and home grown APIs to fraud, insurance and banking back ends, among others. Amelia can also document every interaction in a CRM system. She integrates with SAP, Oracle,, Pegasystems, Microsoft, Zendesk, and many others.

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