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Orchestration Services

Amelia Orchestration Services are an integrated powerhouse of Intelligent Automation, providing vital functionality and capabilities for Amelia's Conversational AI and AIOps solutions.

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Ease of Integration

Your company might have as many as 20 IT systems and applications handling processes that impact one another.

Rather than building time-consuming integrations between all of these tools, Amelia Orchestration Services provides a single end-to-end approach. When the time comes to upgrade or patch, for example, rather than upgrading each application separately and re-configuring integrations, our platform performs those functions in a single solution. This kind of seamless integration, capable of spanning multiple functions, saves time and money, while improving overall productivity.

Dynamic Business Process Orchestration

Amelia Orchestration Services digitally orchestrates and executes end-to-end processes across multiple IT, business and vertical areas — not just IT support systems, but HR, banking, insurance, telecommunications, or any enterprise system. With human-like comprehension of structured and unstructured data, this capability reduces time required to create new processes or enhance existing ones related to either Conversational AI or AIOps. This enables the faster creation of new business processes, which directly impacts company productivity and growth.

Orchestration with Human-Like Intelligence

Amelia Orchestration Services mimics human steps and logic to consistently and intelligently execute tasks for Conversational AI and AIOps. While Amelia can perform many tasks on her own, activities that still require human intervention are observed and can be used for the creation of new automations and workflows. Amelia creates a new generation of orchestration, enabled by human-like observation, learning and intelligence.

Build on Previous Investments

Most global enterprises have spent years building up their enterprise management systems and dashboards, and the prospect of adding another component or layer to those systems can be daunting.

That’s why implementing Orchestration Services as part of the Amelia Integrated Platform does not require a “rip and replace” of current installations; in fact, our technology can elevate and optimize what you already have to optimize business processes. The solution is designed to integrate with any application (such as for example ServiceNow), and includes integrations into various interfaces, from Microsoft Office and SharePoint, to HR or finance apps. Amelia builds on previous enterprise investments, ensuring minimized disruptions in adopting the platform.

Value for the Digital Enterprise

When enterprises invest in the Amelia Integrated Platform, they gain access to the capabilities and value delivered by the platform's Orchestration Services — generating enterprise-wide process creation, operational improvements  and business growth.

Optimize and Enhance Your Company

Know Your Business Better

Enable Enterprise Innovation

Zinnov Zones: Hyper-Intelligent Automation

The report, Zinnov Zones: Hyper Intelligent Automation, H1 2022, evaluates vendors within seven hyper-intelligent automation technology zones, including one for Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA). In Zinnov’s analysis of 33 IVA vendors, the firm placed Amelia as the leader for both scalability and prowess.

In Zinnov's analysis, scalability refers to a vendor's “financial health, depth of customer penetration, platform funding, [and] partner channel strength,” and prowess covers a vendor's capabilities across the Hyper-Intelligent Automation stack for Intelligent Virtual Agents, as well as its “business model, market visibility, pricing and deployment model.”


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