Amelia StrAIght Talk: Michael Muncy, Aveanna Healthcare StrAIght Talk

In this StrAIght Talk podcast, Aveanna Healthcare Chief Information Officer Michael Muncy discusses how AI can impact employee and ultimately patient experiences.

At Aveanna Healthcare, its mission is to “revolutionize the way home health is provided, one patient at a time.” By deploying Amelia to handle password resets for the company’s 18,000 caregivers, Aveanna improved overall employee experiences, which subsequently led to the enhanced provision of better patient care. Listen to the full podcast to learn more about how Conversational AI enables Aveanna with its ongoing healthcare mission.

Amelia StrAIght Talk is a podcast series of interviews with real-world practitioners of Conversational AI and automation. These innovators are intimately familiar with how to deploy and operationalize AI within enterprises. With our guests’ insights and best practices, other businesses can gain critical knowledge that can be utilized to launch AI projects with confidence and clarity of purpose.

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The Intelligent Contact Center

Companies have spent decades implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems in their call and customer care centers, but they've proven unable to keep up with customers' expectations.

In this white paper, we examine the benefits of an Intelligent Contact Center, where companies utilize Conversational AI-powered virtual agents to provide first-line resolution and support for customers, and augment human employees through AI and automation.

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