Charles Araujo, Founder of the Institute of Digitalization, Technology Analyst and Author AI Luminaries

“You need to be preparing yourself for this uncertainty, for the unpredictability, and make yourself and your organization as adaptable and flexible and nimble as possible, because what I can be sure of is that those are the people and the organizations that are going to win in the future.”

Charles Araujo, Founder of the Institute of Digitalization, was initially “petrified” of being called a futurist. Now, however, it's a term he wears proudly. As a futurist, he does not proclaim to know the future. Instead, he believes this term refers to someone who recognizes that we must constantly explore and think about what’s coming. Tune in to this AI Luminaries podcast to hear Charles’ invaluable insight on why organizations must remain flexible to ensure future success, how to create authentic organizational change, what drives today’s biggest industry disrupters, and how Conversational AI supports digital experiences.

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Conversational AI & The Return to Travel

With travelers once again on the road and in the air, the travel industry’s appetite to digitally transform their businesses has never been bigger. And with lingering pandemic-related health and safety concerns, mass labor shortages, and ever-changing travel regulations, there has never been a better time, or a greater need, for the industry to invest in Intelligent Automation and Conversational AI.

In this white paper, we examine how Conversational AI will help the travel and hospitality industry to not only recover but thrive in the post-pandemic world.

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