Mauricio González, Director of Digital Channels and Customer Care, Telefónica AI Luminaries

“Either you are developing these types of capabilities, or you are going to become obsolete in terms of what the client needs.”

To get to where he is today, Telefónica's Director of Digital Channels and Customer Care Mauricio González says it took a little bit of luck, a lot of effort, the right timing and being surrounded by great people. In this AI Luminaries podcast episode, learn about Mauricio's career journey so far, how Telefónica pioneered the use of Conversational AI in Latin America, the importance of work-life balance and what the future holds for customer service at Telefónica.

The AI-Powered Telecom Company

Unlock the potential of AI in the telecom sector! In this white paper, we explore how telecom companies are leveraging intelligent automation and Conversational AI to improve operations and customer experiences. We also provide real-life examples of AI technologies making a difference for today’s leading operators.

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