Aeromexico Hires Amelia to Transform CX As a Digital Airline Agent

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Mexico’s global airline will create extraordinary customer experiences across its digital channels.

Mexico City, MX / New York, NY, September 12, 2023 – Amelia, the Enterprise leader in Conversational AI, today announced that Amelia has been hired as a digital airline agent by Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline with a fleet of more than 150 aircraft and a workforce of more than 15,000 employees.

Prior to hiring Amelia, Aeromexico implemented a different solution to power its digital agent, “Aerobot.” However, derived from Aeromexico’s commitment to always serve its customers better, the airline decided to replace the incumbent solution with Conversational AI. The AI solution needed to scale to address high demand, reduce call center operational costs, create a consistent customer experience and support human agents. With these requirements in mind, Aeromexico hired Amelia in April 2023.

Amelia, as the solution behind Aeromexico’s Aerobot, will be hosted in AWS and integrated with several of the airline’s enterprise systems, including Booking, Flight Stats, Passenger Service System, Baggage Claim, CSAT Surveys, IVR, Customer Relationship Management and more. Amelia is expected to manage nearly 56,000 traveler requests each month for a wide range of use cases, such as flight bookings, check-ins, baggage tracking, flight status updates, travel requirements and FAQs. In addition to providing customer-facing support, Amelia will be trained to provide suggestions as a whisper agent for approx. five use cases still handled by human agents.

Aeromexico’s deployment of Amelia will be carried out in four phases over 12 months. The first phase will migrate the company’s digital CX channels (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) from the incumbent solution to Amelia. Aeromexico anticipates a reduction in the agent handle time, improved agent experiences and seamless, human-like customer service. Next, the airline will expand Amelia’s role to support more use cases. Finally, Aeromexico will implement Amelia across its other lines of business, including its IT Service Desk, mobile app, airport kiosks, Cargo, B2B and home appliances, with the goal of creating one unified, consistent and extraordinary experience across all channels.

Elias Tapia, CRM Director at Aeromexico, said: “Since 2019 Aerobot (Aeromexico’s Chatbot) has become a relevant channel for Aeromexico’s customers to find information. Our team in Aeromexico believes that it is crucial to provide personalized and omnichannel customer service now a days. With this new Aerobot, Aeromexico will offer a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and social media. With our partnership with Amelia, Aerobot will also tailor interactions to each customer, providing relevant information and recommendations based on their preferences and previous interactions. This personalized approach can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, Aerobot can handle a large volume of inquiries simultaneously, providing accurate responses, faster response times and reducing wait times for customers.”

Lanham Napier, President and Chairman of Amelia, said: “AI is the ideal remedy for some of the travel industry’s most pressing challenges. Faced with labor shortages, increasing demand and worsening customer satisfaction scores, Conversational AI digital agents are becoming critical for success. By hiring Amelia, Aeromexico demonstrates its continued leadership in the airline industry and its dedication to delivering top-tier customer service. We are honored to be a part of its ongoing digital transformation journey.”

About Grupo Aeromexico

Grupo Aeromexico, S.A.B. de C.V., is a holding company with subsidiaries engaged in commercial and cargo aviation in Mexico, training, assistance, and maintenance, as well as the control of its passenger loyalty program: Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect, Aeromexico Cargo, Aeromexico Formacion, Aeromexico Servicios and Aeromexico Rewards. The company is Mexico's global airline and has its main hub at Mexico City International Airport. Its destinations network features Mexico, the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe. The Group's operating fleet is comprised of Boeing 787 and 737 jet airliners and Embraer 190 models. Aeromexico is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, which celebrated its 23rd anniversary and serves 184 countries with its 19 SkyTeam airline partners.

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About Amelia

Amelia is one of the world’s largest privately held AI software companies and a global leader in Enterprise Conversational AI. The company’s technology is trusted by organizations across an array of industries to automate operations, improve customer experience and optimize business outcomes. Amelia’s platform develops and deploys AI tools that manage critical tasks and processes, enabling employees to be more productive and deliver better results while reducing operational costs. Consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2023 as a market leader, Amelia has powered the voice operations of global Fortune 500 leaders including Telefónica, BBVa and BNP Paribas. Backed by strategic investments from the Build Group and Monroe Capital, Amelia is headquartered in New York City and serves customers globally through offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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