Amelia Extends Amelia’s Multi-Channel User Experience With Amazon Echo and Google Home

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Now, an Echo or Google Home user can open a new bank account by accessing the leading virtual assistant, Amelia, from their in-home device.

Integration of Market-Leading AI Platform Drives Unified In-Home Customer Experience

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2017 — Amelia (formerly IPsoft) today announced that Amelia, its market-leading AI and cognitive platform, is now integrated with multiple in-home device platforms, providing a critical channel for Amelia’s unique capabilities to millions of Amazon Echo and Google Home users.

Leveraging Amelia’s natural language, cognitive and self-learning capabilities, Amazon Echo and Google Home users will be able to access external services from organizations that have deployed Amelia for transactions and tasks in banking, financial services, government and other industries, as well as their own company’s internal shared services.

For example, an Echo or Google Home user can open a new bank account or confirm a claims payment with an insurance company by accessing Amelia directly from their in-home device. The same device can be used to access an employee’s internal PTO systems to verify and book vacation time, without the additional time and burden of accessing multiple systems manually. This integration allows a continuous and unified user experience between consumer and business activities all on the same device, creating an omni-channel approach for companies using Amelia to service external customers and internal staff.

“Now companies deploying Amelia, can benefit from accessing this increasingly popular home device channel without the need for additional process training. They can be sure of offering a unified experience to customers for home-life and business tasks,” said Edwin van Bommel, Amelia's Chief Cognitive Officer. “With full data visibility of how customers respond to different channels, organizations can also take control of their channel strategy and lead customers who begin an interaction on home devices to continue the conversation on the platforms they know are most effective in delivering a return on their investment.”

The market for in-home devices continues accelerate and is set to become a critical channel for customer experience. One survey1 estimates that more than 10 million Alexa-powered Amazon Echo devices have been sold in the US as of May 2017, and another study2 forecasts that 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated device like Echo or Google Home at least once a month this year.

Multiple research studies show that customers want businesses to provide an integrated multi-channel customer experience, with an ability to access services on multiple devices wherever and whenever needed. With in-home devices becoming a mainstay in many people’s homes, users expect a high degree of ease-of-use to access services that cross their business and home lives for more timely and effective interactions. Meanwhile, companies that deploy Amelia for internal and external services can see their own business benefits, such as increased employee productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and stronger customer retention and relationships.

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