Amelia is Hired by Seguros SURA Chile as Customer Care Virtual Assistant

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The Chile-based insurance provider will utilize Amelia to handle a variety of customer inquiries.

Santiago, Chile / New York, NY, January 27, 2022 — Amelia, a leading Enterprise Conversational AI software company, today announced that Amelia has been hired by Seguros SURA Chile (Seguros SURA) as a customer care virtual assistant. Seguros SURA, a leading insurance provider and subsidiary of Grupo SURA, recognized the importance of increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs to maintain its leading position in the insurance industry. To address these challenges, the company decided to invest in a world-class Conversational AI solution.

Seguros SURA wanted a Conversational AI solution that aligned with its pursuit of an integrated omnichannel business strategy. Although the company explored other vendors, it was drawn to Amelia’s low-code platform and extensive integrations. With the help of Digital Smart Consulting, Seguros SURA made the decision in December 2021 to hire Amelia as their customer care virtual assistant.

In Amelia's new role at Seguros SURA, she will provide virtual customer support via voice and chat. When a customer needs help with their insurance policy, claims status or general insurance-related questions, they can speak with Amelia in Spanish via their preferred channel, including website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email or voice call, for immediate assistance.

The company anticipates that Amelia will handle approx. 35,000 monthly customer conversations end-to-end. Given Seguros SURA’s knowledge and experience from historical AI initiatives, along with Amelia’s low code platform and low time-to-value, Amelia will be ready to quickly help the insurance provider address their clients' demands and deliver extraordinary customer service.

Juan Cifuentes, Vice President of Clients, Access and Ecosystems of Seguros SURA Chile, said: “At Seguros SURA, we understand the importance of valuing the experience of both our customers and employees. We also know that in a competitive industry such as insurance, streamlining business functions while keeping costs low is critical. That is why we chose Amelia as our Conversational AI solution, as Amelia delivers human-like support at machine speeds within a highly collaborative, intuitive and integrated platform.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “In this fast-paced and competitive environment, Conversational AI enables insurance providers to outpace their competitors by creating extraordinary experiences for customers and employees, and by optimizing their business processes. Seguros SURA understands the strategic importance of Conversational AI, and we are honored that the company has chosen Amelia to contribute to its pursuit of an integrated omnichannel business strategy.”

About Seguros SURA

With 75 years of experience, Suramericana S.A. is a company specialized in the insurance industry and in trend and risk management. It is a subsidiary of Grupo SURA (81.1%) and is also backed as a shareholder by the German reinsurer Munich Re (18.9%). The Company is a multi-solution, multi-channel and multi-segment platform with operations in 9 countries in Latin America, where it seeks to deliver sustainable welfare and competitiveness to each of its 17.9 million clients, including individuals and companies, served by nearly 21,000 employees and 24,000 advisors. It is presented to the market as Seguros SURA in Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Panama and the Dominican Republic, and as Asesuisa in El Salvador. Suramericana is the eighth largest insurer in the region, by volume of premiums written, and is the fourth largest of Latin American origin.

About Amelia

Amelia is one of the world’s largest privately held AI software companies and a global leader in Enterprise Conversational AI. The company’s technology is trusted by organizations across an array of industries to automate operations, improve customer experience and optimize business outcomes. Amelia’s platform develops and deploys AI tools that manage critical tasks and processes, enabling employees to be more productive and deliver better results while reducing operational costs. Consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2023 as a market leader, Amelia has powered the voice operations of global Fortune 500 leaders including Telefónica, BBVa and BNP Paribas. Backed by strategic investments from the Build Group and Monroe Capital, Amelia is headquartered in New York City and serves customers globally through offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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