Amelia Partners with Aruma to Pioneer ‘Augmented Autonomy’ Service

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In a global first, new pilot utilizes Amelia's industry-leading technology to pursue a strategic learning opportunity that aims to empower people with disabilities with greater independence in their daily lives

NEW YORK, October 2, 2019 — IPsoft, the global leader in enterprise AI, today announced a new strategic partnership with Aruma, one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, to implement a new artificial intelligence pilot, as part of Aruma’s focus on exploring how emergent technology can enhance disability support services, with the intention of creating greater independence for people with disabilities, using intelligent technology. The organization is piloting IPsoft’s industry-leading cognitive digital colleague, Amelia, to support its staff in one of its accommodation services in Australia.

Aruma takes a learning approach to strategic innovation as it explores how technology can enhance its services. With IPsoft, Aruma is deploying Amelia to support communication among its staff to increase effectiveness and sustainability.

“Part of Aruma’s strategic innovation initiative is identifying and working with like-minded people and companies who want to learn with us. That is why we are thrilled to work with IPsoft to bring Amelia into the disability sector in Australia,” said Mark Doro, Chief Transformation Officer, Aruma. “With IPsoft as a partner, we can explore how we can combine the powers of human and digital labor to be more efficient, sustainable and, ultimately, impactful, which is what we are really working towards at Aruma.”

“For IPsoft, the opportunity to work with a fellow pioneer like Aruma to deploy Amelia in a manner that improves the lives of the disabled community is humbling, as we are constantly seeking new ways to extend the value of Amelia across the broader healthcare space,” said Andrew Winlaw, Managing Director, IPsoft Australia.

IPsoft’s Amelia is the market-leading digital assistant, recently receiving the highest possible ratings in the Everest Group Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market Report 2019 and identified as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations, Q2 2019. The Aruma pilot is not only mutually beneficial but it also furthers IPsoft’s mission for a hybrid workforce that combines human and digital labor to save time, create efficiencies and most importantly empower people.

Click here for highlights from the 2019 Digital Workforce Summit panel discussion, “AI and Public Health,” featuring Aruma CEO Andrew Richardson.

“With AI and digital labor transforming industries, we believe that Amelia offers a multitude of ways to help solve the unique challenges that disability services face,” said Chetan Dube, CEO and Founder, IPsoft. “We’re grateful to work with a partner like Aruma to leverage Amelia to improve staff and customer care and enable better services for those that need it.”

Aruma’s pilot of Amelia to enhance customer care, staff efficiency and sustainability is underway in Australia.

About Aruma

Aruma is one of Australia’s leading disability service providers. Yes, they’re a disability service provider, but they’re also so much more.

They’re the helper, mentor and coach. And the trusted partner of around 5000 people with a disability throughout eastern Australia. To find out more, go to

About Amelia

Amelia is the enterprise leader in Trusted AI. As a pioneer in AI, Amelia has a proven track record of innovation in automation and Conversational AI. Amelia’s platform captures the rapid innovation of AI ecosystems and transforms these innovations into enterprise grade products ready for customer consumption. Enterprises use Amelia to drive revenue in conversational experiences and enable productivity through operations automation. Amelia is consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms as a market leader. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, enterprises trust Amelia’s products and solutions to serve customers on a global basis. See how Amelia is powering the future of work at

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