Cognitive Technology Drives Intelligent and Scalable Business Operations for C-Suite Executives

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New C-Suite study from HfS Research and IPsoft shows cognitive tech investment emerging as strategic priority for enterprise leadership.

New York, USA, and Cambridge, UK, April 10, 2018 – C-Suite executives are looking to cognitive technology to scale their businesses, achieve greater operational efficiencies, break down internal silos, and spark revenue growth, according to a new research study (see link) unveiled today by HfS Research in partnership with IPsoft.

HfS’ new research report, “Using Cognitive Tech to Connect Customers to Business Operations,” outlines that C-Suite executives are looking to cognitive solutions to drive more intelligent and self-learning business operations, and break down the barriers between their front, middle, and back offices, a concept which HfS Research call the Digital OneOffice™. An HfS survey shows that more than one-third of C-Suite executives (37% of survey respondents) expect cognitive technologies to reduce cost. Cognitive agents ranked as a top investment priority for enterprises; 32% of executives said they are currently involved in pilot projects. In addition, C-level executives at more mature enterprises already have started to break down siloes with cognitive solutions, and also are focused on creating better customer experiences through cognitive technology, the research shows.

The report identifies IPsoft’s AIOps (formerly 1Desk) as an example of a solution that can connect front and back offices for greater customer centricity. AIOps combines the power of Amelia, IPsoft’s digital AI colleague who can interact with both external customers and internal employees, with a newly developed autonomic backbone based on IPsoft’s IPcenter. AIOps can execute business processes quickly and efficiently across IT, HR, finance, and administrative support. HfS Research interviewed several IPsoft customers piloting AIOps as part of this research.

“[AIOps] is the unified service desk that converges front and back offices. It directly connects business users to the applications that service them, disintermediating large segments of IT and business operations. [AIOps] improves user satisfaction scores not only for IT support, but for HR, finance, helpdesk, and administrative tasks. The big difference to [AIOps] is that it has cognitive competence with Amelia, who can understand business users directly, and service their requests through automated digital labor,” said Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft.

Four major enterprises currently implementing Amelia and/or AIOps within their customer service organizations were interviewed for the research, along with 100 C-level executives who responded to a web- and phone-based survey.

Report author Melissa O’Brien, Research Director, Customer Engagement Strategies at HfS, shared that “the ability to predict customer expectations and act on them is essential for getting ahead in today’s global digital economy. Increasingly, business leaders are looking to break down the barriers within their organizations to support the digital experiences of their customers. Our study found that executives are looking to cognitive technologies to provide the glue that connects the business operations to the end customer. Leveraging better quality data from smart cognitive technologies ultimately translates to competitive advantage.”

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HfS and co-author of the report, added, “We have to collapse these legacy internal silos which impede business operations supporting the needs of customers, as they occur in real-time. Front and back offices are ceasing to exist for successful firms – they simply rely on OneOffice to stay ahead of their markets.”

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