Falabella Hires Amelia as IT Digital Assistant

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The leading Latin American retailer will leverage Conversational AI to support its employees with instant IT services.

New York, NY, May, 12, 2022— Amelia, the leading Enterprise Conversational AI software company, today announced that Falabella, the leading Latin American retailer, has hired Amelia as a digital IT services assistant to enhance experiences for its employees.

The company, with more than 500 stores in seven Latin American countries, was looking for a solution that would improve internal employee experiences by improving support ticket-handling and eliminating long wait times for IT services, such as password resets, account unlocks and more. To achieve these objectives, Falabella hired Amelia as its Digital IT Assistant for approx. 100,000 employees, based on her ability to improve KPIs such as Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) for password resets, provide enhanced internal support 24/7, and free up time and resources for the retailer’s IT team so they can handle more challenging problems. Falabella also chose Amelia because of her speed and accuracy in resolving IT support issues, and her omnichannel capabilities (delivering support by phone, text and other channels), which supports the company’s digital transformation strategy.

Amelia will assist Falabella’s employees with IT-related queries via voice and chat, such as password resets, internal helpdesk support and opening incident tickets, freeing up staff to handle less time-consuming tasks and produce higher MTTR. The company expects Amelia will handle more than 50,000 tickets with her initial deployment, which is in the early stages.

Oscar Muñoz, Employee Experience Tech Director for Falabella, said: “With this implementation, we expect Amelia will directly assist 100 IT employees and indirectly all of our 100,000 employees. We hired Amelia as the first point-of-contact for IT support as she can integrate seamlessly with our support platform, and now our users can easily interact with her through Conversational AI for assistance. Amelia will help all Falabella’s employees when they need to reset their passwords, or quickly open and manage IT incidents through a more agile process.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “Falabella recognizes how critical it is to provide employees with extraordinary experiences in order to stimulate productivity, innovation and growth. By hiring Amelia as an IT services digital assistant, the company is taking important strides on its digital transformation journey, enabled by Conversational AI and automation. We’re excited to work with Falabella to bring new levels of service and efficiency to its workforce.”

About Falabella Group

Falabella is one of the largest companies in Latin America, with more than 100,000 employees, operating across 7 countries and through different business areas: department stores, home improvement and construction, commercial financing company CMR, banking, travel and Falabella insurance. For more than 100 years, Falabella has offered first class products helping to satisfy the needs of its clients. Our purpose is to simplify the lives of people in Latin America by transforming their shopping experience. In addition to more than 500 physical locations, Falabella serves it clients via a digital marketplace linio.com and e-commerce at falabella.com.

About Amelia

Amelia is a leading Enterprise Conversational AI software company with a long history of innovation in automation and Conversational AI. We create fulfilling human experiences through groundbreaking AI solutions, as we enable conversational experiences, streamline IT operations, and automate processes. In 2014, we launched Amelia, the Most Human AI™; then in 2018, we introduced true end-to-end, enterprise-wide automation allowing enterprises to quickly optimize back-end operations. Amelia is consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms as a market leader. Headquartered in New York City with offices in 15 countries, Amelia’s roster of client success stories speaks for itself: Our technology impacts more than 200 of the world’s leading brands, including global leaders in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and other industries. See how Amelia is powering the Future of Work at amelia.ai.

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