IPsoft Appoints Dr. S. Vincent Grasso to Lead AI Pioneer’s Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice

June 26, 2019 • 3 minute read

IPsoft has appointed Dr. S. Vincent Grasso (DO, MSIS, MBA) as Global Practice Lead: Healthcare & Life Sciences. Dr. Grasso and his team have devised an initial strategic plan for employing Amelia focused on three key areas: the opioid crisis, mobile healthcare and revenue cycle management.

Grasso brings more than 30 years of surgical, research, consulting and community leadership to his new position with focus on using AI to address the opioid crisis, mobile healthcare and revenue cycle management

NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 — IPsoft, the global leader in enterprise AI, today announced the appointment of Dr. S. Vincent Grasso (DO, MSIS, MBA) as Global Practice Lead: Healthcare & Life Sciences. The appointment comes as IPsoft seeks to deploy Amelia, the industry’s most-human digital colleague, in an effort to leverage AI technology to solve the needs of patients, nurses, physicians and administrators. Dr. Grasso and his team have devised an initial strategic triad for employing Amelia focused on three key areas: the opioid crisis, mobile healthcare and revenue cycle management. Proof of concept initiatives are underway within the global marketplace including the New York metropolitan area, the United Kingdom and Australia.

A graduate of St. Peter’s University (B.S.), Des Moines University (DO), Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Surgical Residency), Yale University Department of Surgery (Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Fellow), Yale University NASA Commercial Space Center for Medical Informatics and Technology Applications (Informatics Fellow), New Jersey Institute of Technology (MSIS) and University of Massachusetts Amherst (MBA), Dr. Grasso brings a uniquely-qualified skillset to IPsoft. His healthcare administration leadership and technological expertise is built on more than 30 years of providing healthcare services to the economically and medically disadvantaged, including his ongoing work in a Newark, NJ, clinic twice per week.

“Dr. Grasso brings IPsoft’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice not only the necessary medical acumen and expertise that our customers desire, but also an established track record of leveraging cutting-edge technology in hospital and healthcare organizations, to the benefit of both patient care and the business of delivering exceptional healthcare services,” said Chetan Dube, CEO and Founder, IPsoft.

Upon appointment, Dr. Grasso has outlined an operational triad for the Healthcare & Life Sciences team that focuses on identifying opportunities to strategically deploy Amelia and design new, healthcare-specific use cases. First is the opioid crisis, where he sees immediate opportunities for Amelia to assist the clinical community by determining patient behavior that may indicate the risk of, or beginnings of, opioid addiction. Amelia would then proactively flag this information to a clinician who can act accordingly to address the situation. Additionally, he recognizes Amelia's role in assisting patients and providers in transitioning patients currently consuming opioid-based analgesics to non-opioid-based alternatives.

“With AI and digital labor transforming industries, we believe that Amelia offers a multitude of ways to help solve the unique challenges that the healthcare industry faces,” said Dr. Grasso. “I’m thrilled to be leading efforts to utilize IPsoft’s pioneering technology to improve patient care and enable the business of healthcare to take advantage of such innovation in parallel — helping transform organizations so their core focus can be on their patients.”

Mobile healthcare is the second priority for Dr. Grasso’s team. Unlike conventionally static healthcare that requires patients to move to a healthcare location, technology-infused mobile healthcare is enabling the opposite. Predicated on house calls, Dr. Grasso is providing mobile healthcare to Newark, NJ, home-based patients.  This affords the opportunity to design new use cases for Amelia where she connects to the expanding IoT ecosystem of home-based medical devices, and helps manage leave-behinds and follow-ups, which can be major obstacles for mobile healthcare providers. His initial disease state of focus is diabetes and the optimization of patient's glucose level monitoring, insulin management and overall nutritional support.

Lastly, Dr. Grasso and his team are working to deploy Amelia to assist with revenue cycle management, a particularly difficult issue for organizations that operate on thinner margins and have smaller budgets for non-critical infrastructure. Whether it be breaking down the silo between front- and back-end operations, automating authorizations and eligibility, or streamlining patient communications, there are immediate avenues to beneficially leverage Amelia’s industry-leading customer experience skills.

Dr. Grasso began his new position in May 2019.

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