TriStar Plastics Corp. Hires Amelia to Enhance Customer Service

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Amelia will provide company information, material data, recommendations and portal-based customer support.

NEW YORK, NY, April 16, 2021 — Amelia, the largest independent leader in enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announced that TriStar Plastics Corp., a leading engineered plastics manufacturing company, is deploying Amelia, the market-leading Digital Employee, to digitize the company, improve customer experience, and help employees focus on business development.

Richard Cedrone, CEO of TriStar Plastics Corp., said: “In our pursuit of corporate digital transformation, Amelia will be one of our primary drivers to accomplish our long-range goals. Our phased approach will first introduce Amelia from a basic customer service agent and train her to be a material recommendation expert. Our end goal as the technology is enhanced is to have a virtual branch office with only Digital Employees — a dream that is closer than you think.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “We’re very excited to be working together with TriStar as they utilize Conversational AI and Amelia to enhance customer service and company operations. TriStar is a pioneer in the plastics manufacturing industry, and Amelia will only extend its tradition of innovation by taking on rote and repeatable tasks for TriStar engineers, allowing them to take their talents and skills to new heights.”

TriStar wanted a way to enhance its processes for receiving and fulfilling customers’ material engineering requests. When customers are looking for the right material for their application, they interact with TriStar engineers who are primarily focused on gathering application data elements and making a material recommendation. TriStar was looking for a solution to help them enhance their customer experience and improve their one-touch resolution for engineering requests.

TriStar turned to Amelia to support its customer portal and subsequently relieve employees from repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks. TriStar hired Amelia to answer customer questions, offer material recommendations, provide quotes for material selections and send topic-specific flyers to customers. Eventually, TriStar also wants Amelia to check order statuses, pay bills and place orders.

TriStar will deploy Amelia in phases. In the first phase, which will launch at the end of Q2 this year, Amelia will be placed in a customer-facing role to provide customer support and help generate leads. When Amelia engages in a conversation with a customer, she will first identify the contact or create an account in the company's CRM system for further follow-up and support.

Once an account is created or identified, Amelia will address the customer’s engineering requests and aid in their material selection. She will provide the customer with digital company brochures and material information and ask all pertinent application element questions. Once Amelia has gathered the necessary information, the data will run through an API to a PV calculator and materials database, which will produce material recommendations for Amelia to package and present to the customer.

TriStar’s implementation of Amelia will help the company to digitize their operations and deliver superior customer experiences. Amelia will take on mundane, routine tasks so that TriStar’s engineers can focus on project support, and so that inside sales staff can contribute to business development. By implementing Amelia, TriStar will empower their employees to focus on higher-level tasks for continued company growth, while Amelia successfully and efficiently addresses TriStar customer requests.

About TriStar Plastics Corp.

TriStar Plastics Corp. provides engineering, custom fabrication and manufacturing of high-performance plastics and self-lubricating bearings materials. Our capabilities include component design, material selection, prototype, production and manufacturing. Learn more at

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