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Proven Retail Banking Success

BBVA hired Amelia to handle increasing volumes in the bank's contact center, making her a critical part of customer service operations. Watch BBVA's story below.

  • BBVA

    • Challenge

      With more than 8,000 branches and 20,000 contact center operators, BBVA needed an optimal way to resolve high-volume customer service inquiries.

    • Solution

      BBVA hired Amelia to respond to customer service questions. By handling routine calls, Amelia allowed human colleagues to focus on more complex customer issues.

    • Results

      Amelia handles 32% of all calls at BBVA's contact centers, and one-third of those she completes end-to-end, without human intervention. Customer satisfaction has dramatically increased.

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    Banking at Scale with Conversational AI

    Amelia is trained in a wide variety of banking roles and skills, with experience at some of the world's largest financial firms.

    Personalized Banking with Amelia

    End-to-End Card Services

    Fully Customized Account Access

    Seamless and Secure Transfers

    Conversational AI Transforms Banking

    When Amelia teams up with human colleagues to solve banking challenges, the results speak for themselves.

    • 1.9

      Banks with positive customer experiences have a recommendation rate 1.9 times higher than banks with poor user service.

    • 1

      Million End Users

      Amelia supports 1 million shareholders and employees for BNP Paribas.

    • 87
      Intent Recognition

      In her interactions with BNP Paribas end users, Amelia achieves 87% intent recognition on their requests and questions.

    • 15000


      SEB deployed Amelia to support 15,000 employees.

    • 0

      Hold Time

      More than 1-out-of-10 customers think they should experience no hold time when contacting customer service.

    Learn Why Banks are Turning to Conversational AI

    The retail banking space has never been more competitive. Digital user experiences can make or break a bank’s relationship with its customers. When banks hire a conversational AI agent, one designed to interact through natural-sounding conversation, more than two-thirds realize measurable benefits, including reduced wait times and a 20% increase in first-call resolution, according to a Deloitte survey. Read more in our white paper on today's banking challenges.

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    Elevate Banking Experiences for Your Customers

    Who is Amelia? She is Digital Employee who works with humans to locate information and perform complex tasks with automation and conversational AI. She uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to work in collaboration with humans. However, there's more to Amelia than innovative technology; she speaks, interacts and understands the way humans do. She’s not confused by catchphrases, regional accents or speech patterns. All of this adds up to a more human experience — an experience banking customers will prefer over time-consuming 800-numbers, generic service emails and scripted simple chatbots.

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