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Proven Customer Care Success

Telefónica hired Amelia for Customer Care to improve voice-based customer experiences.

  • Telefónica

    • Challenge

      Telefónica wanted to replace its outdated automated voice systems in its contact centers in order to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction.

    • Solution

      Telefónica hired Amelia to give customers a more natural interface for communicating with the business.

    • Results

      Amelia handles 4.5 million calls per month. She accurately recognizes customer intent on more than 90% of calls, and customer satisfaction has increased.

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    Superior Customer Service with Conversational AI

    When Amelia puts her skills to work on the front lines of customer service operations, she can take on high-volume repeatable tasks, allowing contact center agents to deliver more personalized services.

    Bring AI Into Customer Service

    Answer Common Questions

    Perform Customer Care Tasks

    Resolve Customer Issues

    Why AI for Customer Care?

    • 46

      46% of U.S. adults use digital voice assistants to interact with smartphones and other devices, according to Pew Research Center.

    • 90

      Amelia has 90% intent recognition on customer service inquiries for a major telecom provider.

    • 73

      73% of global consumers say they are open to businesses using AI if it makes life easier.

    • 38

      38% of people say AI improves customer service.

    Learn Why AI is Critical for Customer Experiences

    HFS Research's report, “Propel Your Business Operations 'Straight to Digital’ with Digital Associates,” details the five most important principles when designing, building and deploying Digital Employees in order to achieve maximum business value within a company. The report provides a critical roadmap for enterprises looking to take advantage of conversational AI to reduce costs, improve productivity and provide better customer experiences. Read the white paper to learn more.

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    AI + UX = Happy Customers

    Who is Amelia? She is a Digital Employee who works with humans to locate information and perform complex tasks with automation and conversational AI. She uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to work in collaboration with humans. However, there's more to Amelia than innovative technology; she speaks, interacts and understands the way humans do. She’s not confused by catchphrases, regional accents or speech patterns. All of this adds up to more human Customer Care — with experiences that customers will vastly prefer over 800-numbers, generic service emails, and simple chatbots that can't provide anywhere near the same level of service.

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