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Amelia for Healthcare is the leading AI platform to address a wide range of use cases for Providers, Health Plans, Patient Services, Pharmacies and Labs.

With providers and care givers struggling with acute staffing and resource shortages, Amelia's solutions form a communications and automation platform of digital agents that can perform tasks for doctors, insurance plans and health providers over multiple channels (text, mobile apps, phone and more.)



Amelia's Healthcare Skills

As the market-leading HIPAA-compliant digital health agent, Amelia can take on clinical, administrative and transactional tasks at all points in a patient's healthcare journey.

Provider Selection and Referrals

Patients need help navigating the complexities of healthcare, starting with selecting a doctor or specialist. Amelia acts as a digital concierge for patients to find the best matches for their health needs. Skills include:

• Liaison Engagement
• Provider Match
• Referral Match

Intake, Registration and Insurance Verification

Amelia is designed to handle a range of scheduling, intake and registration processes to connect patients with providers and care facilities. Skills include:

• Scheduling (PCP/Specialty/Outpatient Diagnostics/Ancillaries-Imaging/Labs)
• Referral Management
• Pre-Visit Labs/Tests
• Reminders and Reminder Questions
• Patient Intake
• Insurance Verification/Pre-Registration/Patient Financial Responsibility
• Registration and PR Pay
• General FAQs

Treatment and Care Coordination

With Amelia, patients’ care journeys can be digitally managed end-to-end. Skills include:

• Inquiries and Registration
• Pre-Appointment Journeys/Pre-Operative FAQs
• Wellness and Education Journeys
• Service Line Engagement/Clinical Treatment
• Telehealth (Intake/FAQs)
• Ancillary Engagement
• Ops
• Patient Navigator/Way Finding
• Phase 1 Financial Counseling
• Case Management
• Surgical Scheduling and Journeys (Simple Procedure Types)
• Discharge Calls (Non-ICU)
• Post-Op Journeys and Post-Acute Care Coordination
• CCVs/In-Home Care/Rehab/SNF
• Hospice/DMG

Case Coordination and Management

Amelia optimizes patients’ post-care journeys, including follow-up appointments, case management, and insurance billing and payments management. Skills include:

• Insights/VOC/CAHPS
• Billing and Payables Management
• Care Coordination Management/Scheduling
• PPHM (Care Gaps/Preventative Health Scheduling)
• Nurse Triage (Intake/Routing/FAQs)
• Volunteer/Donor Intake
• Consumer Marketing Intake/FAQs
• Ongoing Education/Engagement/FAQs

Why Conversational AI for Healthcare?

  • 63

    63% of research subjects agreed that AI and machine learning are already providing excellent value in specialty care departments like radiology, generic pharmacy, and pathology.

  • 20

    AI and machine learning can help meet 20% of all clinical demands, reducing the number of unnecessary patient visits to the clinics.

  • 75

    75% of healthcare professionals believe that automating tasks with AI will allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

  • 25

    The average US nurse spends 25% of work time on regulatory and administrative activities.

  • $

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses AI to engage in predictive analysis of fraudulent and improper healthcare payments. This process has saved the government approximately $42 billion, according to CMS.

Visionworks Hires Amelia to Enhance Customer Service and Reduce Costs

Visionworks, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing eye care service providers, hired Amelia to join their Conversational AI strategy team as a digital customer service representative. Amelia’s responsibilities at Visionworks include scheduling appointments for eye exams, contact lens fittings, order pick-up and more.

Visionworks now utilizes Amelia to handle all incoming calls for a majority of Visionworks’ retail stores, handling upwards of approx. 30,000 calls every day. Amelia schedules more than 2,500 optometric exam appointments daily, and answers customers’ questions regarding store locations, directions and order status updates.


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