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Experience and Proven Results in Insurance

Customers worldwide know Amelia as their 24/7 digital insurance agent who can process policy transactions and tackle coverage questions, all delivered with personalized service.

    • Challenge

      One of the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurers in the United States decided to elevate customer service using Amelia. The insurer needed to reduce contact center call times while increasing customer satisfaction.

    • Solution

      The insurer hired Amelia to interact with human agents through a chat interface, where she led agents step-by-step through a variety of procedures such as coverage-change, proof-of-insurance and reinstatement requests.

    • Results

      Amelia was trained on more than 50 unique industry-specific topics. Average call duration was reduced from 4.6 to 4.2 minutes, 75% of inquiries were solved during the first call with Amelia, up from 67% previously. Amelia assisted employees on millions of customer interactions, averaging 250,000 per month.

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    The Amelia Integrated Platform

    Insurance providers want streamlined services to make it easier for their employees to serve policyholders, and for customers to receive accelerated support.

    By empowering business operations with the Amelia Integrated Platform, insurers can deliver superior, AI-powered client support, while also automating and integrating high-volume IT processes in the back-end.

    Personalized Insurance Services with Conversational AI

    Amelia is trained in a wide variety of insurance roles and skills, with experience at some of the world's premier providers.

    Giving Insurance Customers Peace of Mind

    One Stop for Claims Processing

    Always Available and Up-to-Date Information

    Full Insurance Services

    Conversational AI Transforms Insurance

    When Amelia teams up with human colleagues to solve challenges for insurance providers and customers, she delivers world-class service and measurable results.

    • 360


      AI will provide insurance companies cost savings of $360 billion during the next decade.

    • 80

      Nearly 80% of insurance executives think that AI will transform the way insurance companies collect information and interact with their customers.

    • 87000


      A major insurance providers was able to redistribute 87,000 hours to higher-value tasks and projects by utilizing Amelia.

    • 65

      Digitizing insurance processing systems can reduce costs up to 65%.

    • 78

      Use Cases

      With Amelia's abilities, a national insurance firm developed 78 Conversational AI use cases.

    Learn How Conversational AI Empowers New Insurance Services

    Insurance providers, facing higher volumes of activity through digital channels, must invest in technologies that provide best-in-class user experiences and scale to meet demand. Customers today want fast and guided interactions when dealing with insurance issues that directly impact their livelihoods. Read more in our white paper on today's challenges for insurance providers.

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    Deliver Superior Experiences for Your Customers

    Who is Amelia? She is a Digital Employee who works with humans to locate information and perform complex tasks with Conversational AI and AIOps. She uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to work in collaboration with humans. However, there's more to Amelia than innovative technology; she speaks, interacts and understands the way humans do. She’s not confused by catchphrases, regional accents or speech patterns. All of this adds up to a more human experience — an experience insurance customers will prefer over time-consuming 800-numbers, generic service emails and scripted simple chatbots.

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    Amelia is ready to collaborate with your team. You can deploy her within your existing IT and business operations, or hire her yourself.

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      We offer on-premise and cloud-based deployments with secure back-end integrations, customized as needed. Let us know exactly what you need, and we can work together to bring Conversational AI to your company.

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      Amelia delivers the best elements of human interaction, driving deeper connections and greater business value. Interview her to see the kinds of roles and tasks that she can take on for your company.

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