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Proven IT Services Success

Amelia's first role was for IT Services, providing password resets, access permissions and server diagnostics for IT support personnel.

With her ability to automate IT Services end-to-end via AIOps, she can eliminate jammed ticket queues and provide quick resolutions for end users — all through the power of Conversational AI. Learn more in this video.

    • Challenge

      IT leaders at a major medical device manufacturer identified opportunities for improving performance on basic L1 issues through automation of tasks.

    • Solution

      The company hired Amelia to help its employees and guests with an array of common but high-volume user requests: Wi-Fi network access, USB port permissions, Outlook issues, printer access and more.

    • Results

      Amelia grants Wi-Fi access with a 98% success rate to more than 6,500 visitors per month. Previously this process took up to three minutes, but can now be executed in less than 30 seconds. In addition to improving service for all employees, Amelia’s support allows the company's IT engineers to dedicate less time to repetitive work and accelerate their professional development.

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    IT Services Experience and Expertise

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    Conversational AI Solves IT’s Greatest Challenges

    IT Services enabled with Conversational AI translate into greater cost efficiencies and higher productivity within an enterprise. It's an important step toward building a digital-human hybrid workforce.

    • 38.4

      Percentage of organizations that take more than 30 minutes on average to resolve IT incidents impacting consumer-facing digital services.

    • 66

      Percentage of inbound IT Services requests handled by Amelia for a telecom provider, allowing support staff to focus on other tasks.

    • 24.2

      The average amount of hours it takes a company to provide a first response to an internal support ticket.

    • 69

      The percentage of service tickets that are resolved on the first touch.

    Enhanced IT Services Leads to Greater Enterprise ROI

    An emerging number of companies are developing and deploying use cases that are delivering ROI across several dimensions. These examples provide guideposts and best practices for how businesses still looking to push out of the starting gate can plot their plan to use AI for real, bottom-line ROI. It’s part of what we at Amelia see as an emerging trend among enterprises that sits at the core of their Conversational AI and AIOps deployments: AI2ROI. Read our white paper to learn more.

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    Automated and Optimized Conversational IT Services

    Who is Amelia? She is a Digital Employee who works with humans to locate information and perform complex tasks with Conversational AI and AIOps. She uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to work in collaboration with humans. However, there's more to Amelia than innovative technology; she speaks, interacts and understands the way humans do. This means a more human experience — one that your employees and end users will prefer over time-consuming IT support ticketing queues and scripted chatbots.

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    AI in IT Services: Resources and Insights

    News and views on Conversational AI's industry impact.

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