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Telecommunications Human Connections at AI Speed

The AI-Powered Telecom Company

Leading telecom companies have dramatically increased customer satisfaction with our Trusted AI products.

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    Our Conversational AI platform handles 7 million monthly calls for one of the world's largest telecom companies.

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    With Amelia, leading telecom companies have enabled 24/7/365 support for customer service.

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    % NPS

    For one telecom company, our platform achieved a net promoter score that was 16% higher than the score for its call center agents.

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    A leading telecom company deployed our platform to support 2 million customers via multiple channels.

High-Impact Skills for Telecoms

For today's telecom companies, quality of service is under constant pressure, as it relies heavily on the availability of affordable, skilled employees. Leverage Amelia's market-leading capabilities to provide scalable, high-quality service that customers expect and deserve.

  • Always Available

    TV, Internet and cable issues can occur at any time. Deploy Amelia to support customers with immediate resolutions around-the-clock.

  • Never Stops Learning

    Our platforms learn from every user interaction, escalation and resolution to continuously improve customer service and operational efficiency.

  • Easily Connects

    Telecoms rely on multiple systems to operate. Our platforms seamlessly integrate with existing tools to connect back-end data with front-end customer support.

  • Voice and Chat

    Our Conversational AI platform delivers omnichannel, multilingual and multi-modal support to best serve a highly demanding and diverse customer base.


Help your telecom customers stay connected with lightning-speed wireless service support from Amelia Conversational AI.

  • Mobile Device and Voicemail Setup

  • Enable Data Roaming

  • SIM Card Management

  • Access the Repair and Warranty Policy, and Order a New Device

  • Add, Remove or Change a Wireless Phone Line

  • View Data Usage


Amelia Conversational AI provides personalized Internet support without any lag time, helping to eliminate call center queues and satisfy customers.

  • Modem Setup and Troubleshooting

  • Restart Internet Gateway

  • Connect Devices to Wi-Fi

  • Move, Cancel or Add a New Service

  • Check Bandwidth Speed

  • Reset Internet Password

TV and Cable

Don't let endless call center queues prevent customers from watching their favorite shows and movies. Instead, deploy Amelia to provide immediate customer care.

  • View and Select TV and Cable Plan Options

  • Troubleshoot TV Errors

  • TV Box Installation Support

  • Access On-Demand TV Services

  • Set Up Call Display

  • Set Parental Controls

Home Phone

Amelia Conversational AI immediately resolves landline questions and inquiries, helping customers keep in touch with friends and family.

  • Set Up and Install Landline

  • Enable or Disable Call Forwarding

  • Understand Calling Features

  • Transfer Landline Due to a Move

  • Set Up Voicemail

  • Troubleshoot Call Answer

Enterprise Services

Companies rely on telecom services to grow their businesses. With Amelia, telecom companies can support enterprise clients with 24/7, real-time resolutions.

  • Add and Delete Multiple Users on a Single Data Plan

  • Request Network and VPN Support

  • View Data Usage

  • Manage Device and Service Renewals

  • Technical Support for Contact Center Services

  • View and Select Business Plan Options

Customer Support

With Amelia, resolving telecom customer questions is as easy as conversation.

  • Find a Store and Make an Appointment

  • Request Order Status Updates

  • Password Reset and Account Unlock

  • Switch from Paper to Electronic Bills

  • Review, Pay or Dispute Bill Charges

  • Set Up Pre-Authorized Payments

Employee Services

Deploy Amelia Conversational AI to empower telecom staff with immediate and personalized employee support.

  • View and Update Work Schedules

  • View and Update Benefits

  • Book Time Off

  • Request New Equipment

  • Log Sick Leave

  • Password Reset and Account Unlock

Telecom Partners

We seamlessly connect with vital telecom systems, tools and service providers to enable end-to-end resolutions and frictionless customer support.

The AI-Powered Telecom Company

Telecom providers around the world are under constant pressure to provide high-quality services to millions of customers, especially as we step into the 5G era. Poor customer service contributes to higher customer churn — and providers must do everything they can to prevent it. This has led many telecoms to investigate how Conversational AI can make a difference. Read more in our white paper.

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