Everest Group: Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences Using Conversational AI

Accelerating Time to Value and Unlocking Customer Delight

To be successful, businesses must create Extraordinary Customer Experiences (ECX).

While many organizations have for years focused on providing efficient customer service, it’s clear that customers now expect much more than what traditional CX offers. Today’s consumers demand personalized, immediate and complete transactions and resolutions across all channels – in essence, they expect ECX wherever and whenever needed.

In this white paper, Everest Group unpacks the differences between efficient and extraordinary experiences, explores how Conversational AI solutions like Amelia enable organizations to deliver ECX and outlines the long-term benefits of adopting an ECX strategy.

Download your complimentary Everest Group white paper, featuring an exclusive forward from Amelia that examines how our partnership with Accenture enables organizations to accelerate the time to value for delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences.

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