Ann Sung Ruckstuhl


United States

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Unisys, Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, sees firsthand how technology has the potential to change the world. “We are storytellers at the intersection of technology, business, and people,” Ann says. “[That’s the] foundational role of marketing.”

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Ann Sung Ruckstuhl

Ann Sung Ruckstuhl’s personal and professional journey has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, challenge, and change. In college, she was inspired to challenge herself, fully recognizing her path wasn’t typical. I wanted to make myself very uncomfortable,” she recalls, choosing to major in electrical engineering. “I was one of a handful of women who majored in this field of study at the time — it was a bit daunting.   

Ann knew she picked the right major given the seismic shift to digital technologies; advances in microprocessorscomputers, networking, and applications like machine learning were increasingly transforming our society for the better. Engineering taught me to think logically and I knew that rational problem-solving skills would serve me well regardless of what I ended up doing.” 

Her attitude and education background provided a solid foundation for a successful career in Silicon Valley. In addition to engineering, Ann sought to round out her skillset by working in diverse functions from product management to support, consulting, sales, and marketing. “Technology is constantly changing, improving, and advancing our society. Not only from a unique product or platform experience but also as a driver of social change. It’s exciting to be a part of that.” 

Ann now serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Unisys, her fifth Fortune 1000 company. She has also worked for HP, eBay, Sybase (acquired by SAP), Symantec, and seven Silicon Valley startups, four of which were successfully acquired. Prior to Unisys, Ann was the CMO in charge of product management and marketing at SOASTA (acquired by Akamai) which enabled businesses to increase revenue from website performance using data science and machine learningAt Unisys, Ann spends her time building and activating the marketing growth engine that drives business success for the company. 

“A foundational role of marketing is that we are storytellers at the intersection of technology, business, and people,” she says. “At Unisys, we are fortunate to support our clients around the globe and their objectives in helping the world work better and smarter. Technology is a change agent for innovation and improvement.” 

Ann believes the greatest benefit of technology is to positively impact the environment and society in ways big and small.  “That, for me, is what tech is supposed to do,” she affirms. “When bringing new tech platforms and products to market  starting with the end in mind — to improve the business while improving the lives of people or helping the environmentthat is the end game.” 

Ann is excited to see what the next generation of technology looks like  including applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.  “I’m also excited about the next generation of women in the field. It’s a great time to have a role in shaping today’s dynamic world with purpose and, of course, technology.”